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Better by Bike is a family-owned business that has been operating out of Arrowtown for 10 years. We opened our doors for business for the first time on the same day as the Queenstown trails were officially opened - so we like to consider ourselves the OG's of the Queenstown trails. Being around since the very start has its advantages; our knowledge about the trails runs deep, and our passion for sharing the beauty of it all only grows with every year we spend out here.

Matt and his partner Nicky have been local to Arrowtown for over 20 years, so when the opportunity arose they knew the timing was right to create Better by Bike. Their hard work over the years has seen Better by Bike grow alongside the Queenstown trails and Arrowtown itself. Not only have they continually upgraded and expanded their fleet, they have also introduced e-bikes and speciality items such as an electric tandem! Better by Bike now has a second base in Queenstown, and their fleet boasts of an impressive 50+ electric bikes, and over 30 mountain bikes to help facilitate the 130 km (and growing!) of trails.

Better By Bike operates under the philosophy of Best Day Ever! Not only do we live and work by this motto, but we are committed to providing the Best Day Ever to our riders. Naturally, this has attracted some like-minded individuals, and so the team has expanded to include some of Arrowtown's finest:

IMG_20220404_112852 (2)

Matt and Niki

Owners & Memory Creators

The dream team! These two are the heart and soul of Better By Bike. While Niki has taken a step back for a while to focus on their family, Matt is always in and out of the two shops keeping things going.

The two of them are full of ideas, and energy and they love nothing better than sharing their little piece of paradise with everyone who rides with us. 

If you don't find them at the shop, they are probably down by the river hanging out with their gorgeous son Kova and dog Harley. 

The New Coronet Peak Loop track
Dual Suspension Trail 6 Moustache E-bike

Marvelous Meg!

Operations & Bike Hire

Meg has been a part of the team the longest. At this point a true Arrowtown local, Meg seems to know everyone that walks past our shop and is always down for a chat.

After a few years of manning the shop in Arrowtown, Meg is our go-to gal for almost everything. We don't know what we would do without her.

In her free time, you'll probably find her out on the trails or lounging by the river, sunglasses on, with a glass of wine in hand. 

Gibbston Winery Ride
Moustache Samedi Off 2

Charming Charlotte

Retail & Bike Hire

Originally from England, Char recently got her New Zealand residency so is on her way to becoming a full fledged Kiwi! In the meantime she spends as much of her free time  as possible moving downhill! Whether it's on two wheels in the dirt, or on two skis in the snow, Char is all about it.

In the shop, Char is as brilliant as she is friendly. Not only does she always have time to stop for a chat, but she also keeps on top of everything retail. From the delicious drinks in the fridge, to the stylish mons merinos on the racks, she has it all! 

Rude Rock off Coronet peak
Marine Alpine Trail 7

Super John

Bike Mechanic

You will almost always find John out the back in the workshop. We don’t know anyone who knows more about bikes than John, and whatever he doesn’t already know he is dead keen to figure out! One of John’s favourite parts of the job is helping to teach the local kids how to look after and maintain their own bikes properly.

Greasy hands are pretty much a way of life for John at this point, however when he's not surrounded by bike parts, John loves to spend his time slack-lining, bike riding, and lounging around with a book in hand. 

Arrow River Bridges Trail
My 1990 Trek Singletrack, Set up single-speed! #steelisreal

Awesome Amy

Sales & Marketing

As our newest team member, Amy started off as a customer of Better By Bike, renting bikes several times and even bringing her parents out to try it! After hanging around the shop often enough, we finally put her to work.

Most of Amy's work is behind the scenes (or should we say behind the screen?) but she still loves helping out at the shop and getting people out on the bikes!

Ride to Arrowtown!
My 90's Giant Iguana (it's red!)