Better by Bike is a family owned business that has been operating out of Arrowtown for 10 years. We opened our doors for business for the first time on the same day as the Queenstown trails were officially opened - so we like to consider ourselves the OG's of the Queenstown trails. Being around since the very start has its advantages; our knowledge about the trails runs deep, and our passion for sharing the beauty of it all only grows with every year we spend out here. 

Matt and his partner Nicky have been local to Arrowtown for over 20 years, so when the opportunity arose they knew the timing was right to create Better by Bike. Their hard work over the years has seen Better by Bike grow alongside the Queenstown trails and Arrowtown itself. Not only have they continually upgraded and expanded their fleet, they have also introduced e-bikes, and specialty items such as an electric tandem! Better by Bike now has a second base in Queenstown, and their fleet boasts of an impressive 50+ electric bikes, and over 30 mountain bikes to help facilitate the 130 kms (and growing!) of trails. 

Better By Bike operates under the philosophy of Best Day Ever! Not only do we live and work by this motto, but we are committed to providing the Best Day Ever to our riders. Naturally this has attracted some like-minded individuals, and so the team has expanded to include some of Arrowtown's finest: