Half Day Bike Hire

A great option when you have limited time, the half day ride still allows enough time to ride some great trails! The 5 Bridges ride from Arrowtown to the Bungy Bridge in Gibbston and back is an awesome half day ride, or maybe a gentle meander along the loop ride around Lake Hayes, to discover why this lake is the most photographed New Zealand! The half day option is available in the morning only - a great way to start your day!
  • 120kms of trails to choose
  • Enough time for 5 Bridges Ride
  • Enough time for Arrowtown Loop

Full Day Bike Hire

Book a full day from 9am to 5pm and have no time restraints start and finish when you like between these times. For only $10 more than a half day hire – take the whole day to enjoy your favourite trail at your own pace, have time to stop and enjoy the culinary treats along the way and pause as much as you like to take the perfect picture at one of the many view points on every trail. If you plan on visiting the wineries and restaurants in Gibbston or taking a picnic to a secluded spot – the full day option is for you!
  • 120kms of Trails to Choose
  • Enjoy At Your Own Pace
  • Only $10 More Than Half Day

Electric Bike Hire

$100 (12yrs and over)
With the addition of electric bikes, friends of all abilities can join each other for a day of fun in the sun!  No matter your fitness level, now every rider in your troop can keep up with each other, enjoying every part of the trail together.  Have a mix of athlete and leisure riders in your group?  With a combination of classic bike and an electric bike, you’re guaranteed to have planned the best day for everyone.  If you’ve never tried an electric bike before – do yourself a favour and try this remarkable ride!
  • 120kms of trails to choose
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Let the battery power help you up hills

Bike Hire with Return Transport

The deluxe treatment! We'll pick you up at the door between 9:30am-10am (the exact time will be confirmed at the point of booking), match you with your bike and your trail, then drop you home when the adventure's done. If you’ve chosen to ride back to Queenstown taking the Arrowtown – Queenstown trail, we’ll come collect your bike at the end of that stunning trail!
  • 120kms of trails to choose
  • Accommodation Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Best Day Ever

E-Bike Hire with Return Transport

$160 (12 Years and Up)
Let us come and collect you from your accommodation for your cycling adventure. Pick up time will be confirmed upon booking, generally between 9.30am and 10am. Upon completion of your electric bike hire, return transport from Arrowtown will be provided. If you have chosen to ride back to Queenstown we will pick up the bikes up at the end of your ride.
  • 120kms of trails to choose
  • Accommodation Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Best Day Ever

Choose your departure point

Departing from our main base in Arrowtown. The popular option for those wanting an amazingly scenic ride before arriving at the Gibbston wineries, Lake Hayes or Queenstown

Departing from our base at Kinross Cottages in Gibbston. A popular option if you just want to ride amongst the wineries and sample wines